Service Team

No matter what customer group you belong to (terminal manufacturers, middleware vendors, distributors or retailers), XINSHAN INDUSTRIES will accommodate your needs. Since the foundation of the first service team of XINSHAN INDUSTRIES in 1989, we have kept on adhering to our service principle “Serving on demand, changing on demand; seeking specialization, pursuing perfection, sincerity and truth and making a difference” 


Service and quality control team

Supervisors monitor the sales, service and the quality of each unit of product from printing paper to packaging paper and from the membrane to the tag food packaging film.


Processing and logistics team

We have strict principles of lean operation, processing and logistical optimization to ensure the quality and at the same time to control the cost.


Front-line customer service team

We see our customers’ potential and existing problems and surpass  customer demand with competitive solutions, products & services.


Technical support team

The service team of XINSHAN INDUSTRIES has an average of 8 years service time will assist the technical team of product suppliers to wait for all technical problems faced by the customers.   


Service Team

We apply our ERP and flexible sales administration system to quickly satisfy the customers’ requirements.