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The profile of XINSHAN


'Xinshan Industries was founded in February 1989, providing label, packaging and speciality material solutions to domestic and commercial customers worldwide.

Initially dealing with card paper, mail paper and red packet paper, we soon started importing. In 1992, as business was expanding rapidly, we began embossing. As the sunthetic paper industry grew, this in turn lead to progression into plastic films.


By 1994, we were then expanding into package printing and in 1996, we promoted film applications for the outdooor advertising sector. In 2000, films became a part of the labels and tag business and we partnered with a number of high profile global chemical companies. 


To serve the market better, XINSHAN created its own brand of packaging paper “SUNFOR” and printing paper brand “ACP” in 2002 and 2004. At the end of 2006, we achieved a high volume of Cling Film sales in mainland China and with the support of our French partners, reported record sales by 2007.


In the last two decades, XINSHAN has increased to 6 manufacturing sites and 2 processing factories in mainland of China, which locate in Beijing, Shanghai (including 2 companies and 1 processing plant), Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shantou and Chao’an (1 plant). All of the companies were self-funded and founded under the direct investment of XINSHAN and belong to the wholly-owned subsidiary of XINSHAN.


XINSHAN INDUSTRIES will always uphold the principles of: ”creativity, competence, progress with ambition and customer satisfaction” to move forward and grow together with our customers.