Service Concept

Service Concept

Serving on demand, changing on demand

XINSHAN INDUSTRIES has kept on trying to realize its value through meeting the customers’ constantly changing demand. We are well aware that only through the profound insight into the customers’ demand and sensitivity to the opportunities or problems in the industry encountered by the customers with a positive attitude can we take the first step to present the optimized solutions within the industry. We deeply understand that the customers’ demands are differing and varying in thousands of ways. We know that only through truly comprehending the subtle differences in customer demand, being fully committed to continuous innovation of existing solutions and constant optimization of the service processes can we contribute beyond general requirements on the journey of customer service and further provide personalized services to fill in the stringent requirement of exceeding customer's expectations.

Seeking specialization, pursuing perfection

XINSHAN INDUSTRIES firmly believes that no matter in what kind of market status, only trough focusing on the industry, intensive cultivating and consummating the entire business embarked, can we win the customers’ satisfaction. Since the founding of the corporation, XINSHAN INDUSTRIES has been adhering to the business orientation of “new type of label material and art paper/special paper supplier and product packaging solution service provider” and focusing on the supplying and innovation of the products and solutions within same industry as well as committing to the consummation of the XINSHAN staff’s fine service principle so as to ensure that the quality of all the solutions, products and services provided can hold the industry-leading position and then effectively help customers achieve the greatest value growth constantly.


Seeking to sincerity and truth, pursuing morality and far-reaching


We think there is no difference between commercial law, the law of the jungle as well as the basic rules of human behavior. It is XINSHAN members’ basic values to maintain truth-seeking, sincere and upright. We firmly consider that being friendly to others is the self perfection and satisfying others is self-fulfillment. When enough dedication has been made, a better vision will eventually come. “The superior man holds the world with virtue, great virtue can carry all things”, no matter how difficult the environment is, XINSHAN will stick to this principle to create excellent service quality and build a great company with honest and upright attitude and broad mind.