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Xinshan Industry’s ACP branch-brand publishing paper PURETM enters the market

August 12, 2008

Xinshan Industry has kept on taking “fulfilling the end-user, book readers’ comfortable reading experience” as its own responsibility and has been always dedicated to the research and development of the high-quality printing/publishing papers. The company’s new type APC brand printing/publishing paper PURE TM series formally entered the market on August 11.

PURE TM series has beige color, natural and simple paper texture as well as soft and warm feelings. This series takes high-level munkenpaper as the base paper. After double-sided micro-coating treatment, the paper’s printing adaptability will be improved effectively. Compared to the traditional munkenpaper, this kind of paper can be printed in more saturated bright colors with more vivid and profound sense of deep three-dimension.

Xinshan Industry will help the publishing and printing service providers to supply magazines, comic books, books, annual reports, pictures and other cultural products with more excellent quality to the more and more picky readers.