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Xinshan Industry’s “2008 Hua’nan Lecture on YUPO In Mold Label” was held in Garden Hotel, Guangzhou

October 30, 2008

On the afternoon of October 29, “Use In mold Label Easily --2008 Hua’nan Lecture on YUPO In Mold Label” co-sponsored by Xinshan Industry and YUPO Corporation (YUPO Corporation is the the world’s largest manufacturer of synthetic paper, which is co-invested by Japan Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Oji Paper Co., Ltd) was held in Garden Hotel, Guangzhou. The lecture was attended by more than 80 representatives from the units including Kurz of Germany, Xinmin Taiyo of Japan, Flint Group - Xsys of Luxembourg (Guangzhou), Meikei Printing Co., Ltd, Sunnyart Packaging Material Ltd, Shenzhen Kunbei Label-Trade Co. Ltd, Xi’an Zhenghe, Xi’an Kaimi Co., Ltd, Walch, P & G – Persil as well as the China label and labeling Journal Office.

On the meeting, the manager of YUPO Corporation (Greater China Region) Mr. Suzuki RyoMa delivered welcome speech and introduced the application status and characteristics of in mold label all over the world to the participants. YUPO Corporation has witnessed the application and development of In Mold Label market of China. The wide use of In Mold Label in Lubricant market is a special characteristic for In Mold Label in China. At the same time, led by the daily chemical giant such as Procter & Gamble and Unilever, the detergent industry, Shampoo industry as well food industry has begun to use in mold labels.

The deputy director from Department of Printing, Printing Science and Artistic Design Institute, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Ms. Wang Xiaohong brought relevant policy information of the industry. Ms. Wang said that the compiling of In Mold Label industry standards participated by her is in progress and will be published at the end of the year. It is said that the establishment of this standard will involve of “in mold labeling quality requirements and testing methods”, which is an industry standard prepared for special products for the first time, therein, the examining method is the difficulty of the standard-setting process waiting for extensive advice.

Assistant Manager of YUPO Corporation (Greater China region), Mr. Zhang Wenyao introduced the developing situation of In Mold Label in China in detail. He said that the sales of In Mold Label products are based on lubricant market in North China, on bathroom and washing supplies market in East China, on cosmetics and shampoo market in southern China and are oriented on drug and medicine market in western regions of China.

Product Manager of Asia of Kurz, Germany, Ms. Cao Jing analyzed the difference between cool iron and hot iron with the topic “Cool Iron Technology Makes Your Products More Colorful”. She also said that in mold market labeling is more potential in emerging market and cool iron technology will put the finishing touch to the picture of a dragon or play the role of icing on the cake.

Representatives from Xinmin Taiyo of Japan, Flint Group - Xsys of Luxembourg and Xi’an Zhenghe introduced the producing process of In Mold Label from the aspects of the ink, label printing equipment and finishing process, including the solutions for anti-static and other problems encountered. Xi’an Kaimi Co., Ltd shared their successful In Mold Label application experience. The vice manager of logistics department of Xi’an Kaimi Co., Ltd, Yang Ju said that the environment-friendly characteristics (no waste), anti-counterfeiting features and the economical-efficiency (effectively catching the eye to enhance the added value of the products) are consistent with the development strategy, the environmental goals and economic goals of Xi’an Kaimi Co., Ltd.  Xi’an Kaimi Co., Ltd. has taken In Mold Products as a strategic selection and actively participated in the relevant project as well as are carrying out whole-process tracking to the products. Mr. Yang Ju believe that, with the continuous maturation of in mold industry, it is expected that the application of the products will become the first choice of daily chemical industry.

Manager of Xinshan Industry (Guangzhou division), Mr. Chen Yingyou analyzed the advantages of In Mold Label from the aspects including appearance, management, human resources, production and investment, etc. with the topic “The Contrast Between In mold Label and Other Labeling Patterns”.

Complete In Mold Labeling solutions are illustrated on this Hua’nan Lecture on YUPO In Mold Label with compact and rich content. The participants showed strong interest in and spoke highly of the lecture. The group photos at the end of the meeting push the atmosphere to a climax.