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Xinshan Industry develops OPS window film of DPACK brand

February 3, 2009


Xinshan Industry has been always dedicated to the development of envelope film for business letters. As the leading supplier of the industry, Xinshan Industry developed DPACK ® OPS (oriented polystyrene) window film successfully on February 2 through an orderly development and effective integration of brand packaging.

The production of DPACK brand envelope window film is based on the strict quality control of the raw material, multi-layer optimization of the manufacturing process and comprehensive monitoring of product parameters, all of which meet the most exacting demands of the industry. The products have superior cutting performance (based on the high-tenacity and the easy horizontal tearing characteristics); the stacking sheet material which can be easily sorted and extracted has high-efficiency (based on the outstanding anti-static ability of the film); the production line has ultra-high-speed/continuous operation to achieve the smooth wrinkle-free surface (based on the good smoothness of the film); the unit cost and total cost savings amount to 8% -16% (based on excellent control of film thickness with outstanding performance).

For access to product parameter, relevant information support of production equipment of DPACK ® envelope window film or product testing assistance, please contact Xinshan (Shenzhen) (Xinyu, Shenzhen), Xinshan (Shanghai) (Darong, Shanghai) or any other branches or visit the website of product Center of Xinshan for inquiry: