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Xinshan Industry develops food-grade stretched cling film

Caterin Cooking ProductTM

November 3, 2008

Xinshan Industry has been always been dedicated to the development and application of food cling film. On November 3, 2008 we introduced food-grade stretched cling film – Caterin Cooking ProductTM to markets in China and Southeast Asia according to the plan.

Caterin Cooking ProductTM is a kind of product made from high-quality PVC material of Europe, which is developed and produced for the catering industry of Asia, including hotels and guesthouses. Compared with traditional products, Caterin Cooking ProductTM has more outstanding performance. It can assure a long-lasting freshness, achieve super anti-fog performance/transparency and provide air-proof food packaging convenience with excellent cohesion as well as present excellent scalability and resilience. Caterin Cooking ProductTM has strict product safety control standards in the integrated supply chain including production and has passed the verification of RC/IoP international health system to ensure the compliance with the stringent food safety requirements.

The introduction of Caterin Cooking ProductTM will provide more comprehensive competitive food packaging solutions.